New Digitalitza’t Webinar with a presentation by Pau Fonseca, Co-director of the Master Industry 4.0 of the Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya and Doctor in Statistics and Operations Research and Jordi Montero, professor of the simulation subject of the Department of Statistics and Operations Research and developer of simulation studies, from the inLab FIB, for different companies in the sectors of industry, logistics and services. This session will be about The Levers of Change Industry 4.0. Digitize yourself is a project promoted by Foment del Treball that accompanies companies, especially SMEs, on the path to digital transformation.

The speakers will explain what are currently the various levers associated with Industry 4.0 and explain how the simulation can become a valid tool for the implementation of a digital twin to reduce the uncertainty of business risk. The “digital twin ”Or digital twin is the double digital representation, that unites the duality of the design and the operation, in products or industrial installations and that has to manage like a whole, from the business perspective and of his systems of information.

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