Urban systems and ecosystems are facing an increasing number of challenges because of climate change and its interconnection. The increase of the impact of urban systems on the environment and reciprocally, the increased impact of climate change on urban areas, energy consumption, food production, etc. is becoming a major policy issue.  We need to develop sustainable urban systems, that consider energetic, economic, and social factors, understanding the environmental factors that can affect these urban areas’ development and also, how the urban areas can affect the environment.

The relation between the urban areas and the environment, and the need to cope with the limited natural resources require scientific research and novel technical solutions. We need models that help to understand the relation between the urban areas and the environment, forecast the effect of humankind on the environment, and discuss how to define greener urban areas.

The Special Issue of “Environment and urban systems, Simulation, Modeling and Analysis” in Energies serves as a publishing platform for scientific and technological approaches to “sustainability” modeling for urban areas and the environment.

While the focus lies on Simulation, Modeling and Analysis for the environment and urban areas, it also covers solutions for the design of sustainable buildings and cities, focused on the energy, but also the social and/or economic aspects. Also, we will cover novel techniques or case studies to model and forecast relevant aspects of the environment that will have an impact on society.

Studies of advanced techniques and methods in energy production that will have an impact on the reduction of the impacts are also welcome. Research involving experimental and numerical studies, case studies, recent developments, that can represent the current state-of-the-art of the emerging technologies and methodologies are highly encouraged.

Prof. Dr. Pau Fonseca
Guest Editor

Moore info: Energies | Special Issue : Environment and Urban Systems: Simulation, Modeling and Analysis (mdpi.com)