New Industry 4.0 course in FES. The training program presents the introduction of the necessary elements to take into account to understand what Industry 4.0 is and its main concepts. The techniques needed to define the processes that define digital twins are also presented. More information: Processos de Indústria 4.0 Palanques i anàlisi. Online – Fundació Eduard Soler (

There will also be a new edition of the course on energy efficiency and self-consumption in industry. Eficiència energètica i autoconsum en la indústria. Presencial/Online – Fundació Eduard Soler ( In the course, the related regulations will be explained, the most relevant systems of energy efficiency in the industry will be reviewed, the different savings measures and actions recommended for self-consumption and maintenance operations will be worked on and, finally, the implications of revolution 4.0 in the industry will be addressed.

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