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March 5th, #EnergyEfficiencyDay

It is a propitious date to reflect on the rational use we give to energy, and act accordingly. It has its origins in the first international conference on energy efficiency held in Austria in 1998, where more than 350 experts and leaders from…
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New courses

New Industry 4.0 course in FES. The training program presents the introduction of the necessary elements to take into account to understand what Industry 4.0 is and its main concepts. The techniques needed to define the processes that define…
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Digital Modelling Course with Fusion 360.

Our CEO Antoni Fonseca taught this course. Autodesk Fusion 360 is a parametric modelling computer program with the capacity to develop projects collaboratively. Throughout the course you will acquire the essential knowledge about 3D modelling,…
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Modeled for the creation of digital twins. Organized by EIC-College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia. During the course, the bases of the simulation that make possible the creation of digital twins are exposed. The developmental life cycle…
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Postgraduate degree in Digital Transformation Management.

We collaborate in this postgraduate course at the UPC School of Professional & Executive. Pau Fonseca, one of our CEOs, is part of the teaching staff. Digital Transformation (TD) is one of the biggest economic and social challenges…
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Indústria 4.0: Modelització, Simulació i Materialització

Today Fundació UPC presents the master degree Indústria 4.0: Modelització, Simulació i Materialització at Advanced Factories. This is a great program where Polyhedra Tech is involved as a partner. Enjoy!