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March 5th, #EnergyEfficiencyDay

It is a propitious date to reflect on the rational use we give to energy, and act accordingly. It has its origins in the first international conference on energy efficiency held in Austria in 1998, where more than 350 experts and leaders from…
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Our CEO Antoni Fonseca will present NECADA in a new BIMtour session. Where BIM values are exposed to improve a building's energy performance or how to use BIM to achieve zero power consumption. The challenge is to be able to verify BIM energy…

Workshop Beauty Cluster Barcelona – Design of experiments

Today our CEO Pau Fonseca has participated in this workshop about design of experiments. The design of experiments is a key element to be able to determine, with the economy of experiments and therefore reducing the time and resources required,…
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You can consult the presentation of NECADA in the #ForumMediAmbient #Connectem

In the following link you can consult the presentation about NECADA that was made in the IV edition of the #Forummediambient in space #connectem on February 19th https://www.diba.cat/documents/36716876/234875101/TRANSICIO13_Polyhedra+…

We presented NECADA in the IV #FòrumMediAmbient @diba

Judith Llopis Last Tuesday was presented @project_necada at the #Fabricaoportunitats in the framework of the IV #FòrumMediAmbient organized by the Diputació de Barcelona in the energy transition block. https://www.diba.cat/en/web/for…

The Barcelona Provincial Council and the Association GBCe signed a framework agreement for the creation of more sustainable urban environments

One of our partners the Association Green Building Council España (GBCe) and the Diputació de Barcelona have signed a framework agreement of cooperation with the goal of sharing specific knowledge in the field of environmental sustainability…
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Stand-out Startups in the construction industry

Polyhedra Tech has been selected as one of the 8 startups that stand out in the construction sector by Mobile World Capital. We are proud to present NECADA project on 16th May. More information here See you there!
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Solution Validation for a Double Façade Prototype

We publish a new paper that depicts an interesting solution validation, it's open, and you can read it here. Abstract A Solution Validation involves comparing the data obtained from the system that are implemented following the model recommendations,…
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Boletín Hospitecnia

In the Boletin Hospitecnia you can review a description of the NECADA system. Enjoy this specialized journal with reviews and interesting news related to the Spin off and Startups on the sectors that are changing the world. Best!