One of the levers of Industry 4.0 is cybersecurity. On June 25 at the Trends Congress, Professor Genis Margarit pointed out in his presentation “The Challenges in Cybersecurity in the Digital Age” that “City Councils want cybersecurity, but are overwhelmed. A handful of obligations set by the National Security Scheme, combined with scarce resources, make up an explosive cocktail”. ”Many companies face the same problem. During the pandemic, the use of digital tools has increased, which has increased the risk of cyberattacks. It is estimated that, on average, a malware attack costs a 16.2-day shutdown. Faced with this situation, the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency has launched the #NegoCibersegur campaign. Within this campaign there is the website  where you can consult different resources, and even a questionnaire to assess the level of security of companies. Some tips in the picture.