Glad for the publication of this new research article in the journal Advancing Computing as a Science & Profession by members of our team. Congratulations on your work Pau Fonseca, Joan Garcia and Víctor García

ABSTRACT: The digitalization of a phenomenon allows us to understand, discuss, and predict its behavior. In environmental areas, and specifically in a pandemic situation this is not an exception. The language selected to perform this conceptualization must help in the understanding of the phenomenon and must be capable to be executed, if possible, automatically, to simplify the verification process. Also, the language must be an agreement between the different parties involved in the model definition; all the specialist must feel confident with the language to be able to collaborate in a transdisciplinary approach in the model definition. In this paper, we present a conceptualization of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The model represented in Specification and Description Language allows a detailed parametrization of the pandemic situation and a further expansion of an initial model defined using the System Dynamics approach to Cellular Automaton approach. This expansion of the conceptualization done in SDL simplifies the validation of the different models obtained. Also, the use of SDL simplifies the integration in the model of real-time data to perform the system validations. We detail the conceptualization done using SDL for the Cellular Automaton model.

More info: SDL Cellular Automaton COVID-19 conceptualization | Proceedings of the 12th System Analysis and Modelling Conference (