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March 5th, #EnergyEfficiencyDay

It is a propitious date to reflect on the rational use we give to energy, and act accordingly. It has its origins in the first international conference on energy efficiency held in Austria in 1998, where more than 350 experts and leaders from…
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New research-article: SDL Cellular Automaton COVID-19

Glad for the publication of this new research article in the journal Advancing Computing as a Science & Profession by members of our team. Congratulations on your work Pau Fonseca, Joan Garcia and Víctor García ABSTRACT: The digitalization…

Talk: 'SEIRD-CA-SDL model for COVID-19'

Last week, in the framework of the Mathematical Epidemiology Spread of COVID-19, our CEO Pau Fonseca had participates in this talk organized by University of Warwick. The summary of the session is as follows: Based on a validated SEIRD model…

New article about COVID-19 data

We recommend a new article on COVID-19 data published in the journal THE COVERSATION. Where many scientific data processing experts have participated in its writing, we highlight the participation of our CEO Dr Pau Fonseca i Casas. You…
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Simulation models to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies in the containment of Covid-19

Next Friday new Seminar at UPC Departmentament d'Statistics and Operational Research Since 1995, the Department of Statistics and Operational Research of the UPC has organized a seminar every year where different experts in statistics and…


Our member Carme Fonseca participates in this international forum, organized by Talsus, on the interesting implications between the environment and the pandemic. Enjoy it!
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Què tenen contra Oriol Mitjà?

You can read a mention in the press of one of the members of our modelling team, Víctor García Carrasco, that is working on the SDL-PAND project. You can consult the opinion article of Agustí Colomines at the following link in the newspaper…