NECADA is a hybrid infrastructure that supports the execution of a simulation model on a cloud, farm or desktop environments. Necada take care of the environmental directives and international rules in the designing process (CEN TC 350), optimizing the behavior of the building or cities form the point of view of the sustainability. To reach the best solution we must introduce in the model environmental, social and economic variables.

NECADA can optimize the whole life cycle of a building or urban area, from the design, building, use and rehabilitation and deconstruction processes, taking care the comfort to achieve a design of Net Zero Energy Buildings.

The model that rules the simulation engine is defined using Specification and Description Language (SDL), a formal language from the ITU-T, the same family that UML, with great graphical capabilities, great expressivity and easy to combine with other engineering languages. SDLPS, our software that understands SDL, performs an automatic simulation from this graphical representation of the model. No implementation is needed, simplifying the verification the modification and expansion of the model; the definition of a simulation model can be done completely and understood by all the members of the team, simplifying the validation processes. Co-simulation techniques are applied to use the state of the art calculus engines, like EnergyPlus or Trnsys among others. Using BIM models to represent the whole life cycle of your urban area or building

We can use NECADA to analyze thousands of different alternatives, use the power of supercomputing or the precision of optimization algorithms to find the OPTIMAL solution for your building.

Take care of all the parameters you want, from the climate to the alternatives on the design, from the constructing solutions, to the materials and the building orientations. All can be analyzed, simulated, compared and combined.