Next Friday new Seminar at UPC Departmentament d’Statistics and Operational Research

Since 1995, the Department of Statistics and Operational Research of the UPC has organized a seminar every year where different experts in statistics and operational research are invited to give talks aimed at both teachers and graduates, as well as second and third cycle students.

In this framework, next Friday, November 6, 2020 (16:00 p.m), our CEO, Pau Fonseca, will present: Simulation models to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies in the containment of Covid-19.

SUMMARY: The objective of the SDL-PAND project, which includes this talk, is to develop a functional prototype that allows to evaluate alternatives of pandemic containment, based on a graphic conceptualization of the models, which represent the modeling hypotheses. The system should allow it to expand by incorporating new working hypotheses and using two fundamental sources: data on the evolution of pandemics and data from sensors such as mobile phones or other devices that show a current view of the situation. This will allow to define models of prediction of the spread of pandemics from the analysis of the behavior of citizens. The model must also be able to include models of traffic management, evacuation, etc. The aim of the project is both to generate a web application to analyze alternatives, as to define a working methodology that allows to establish a common framework for the different specialists, who must collaborate in the definition of complex models. This allows us to understand the hypotheses that govern the models and, from them, understand the causality derived from multidisciplinary knowledge provided by specialists from different areas, who would otherwise not enter into this discussion.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Pau Fonseca is professor in the Department of Statistics and Operational Research of the Polytechnic http://upc.esUniversity of Catalonia and researcher of inLab. He holds a PhD in Statistics and Operational Research and an M.S. in Computer Science. He has participated in several competitive projects related to the simulation and transfer of Technology, such as the simulation of the Barcelona airport, or the simulation of the expedition plant of Almirall Prodesfarma. His main research interests include environmental and social simulation, and formal representation of simulation models; This interest has led him to collaborate with the UIT-T in defining the new version of Specification and Description Language (SDL-2010).

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