Today our CEO Pau Fonseca participated in the mobile week in the round table Artificial Intelligence and city development.

The increase in population in cities has led to them becoming increasingly complex environments. Technology opens the door to new ways of understanding a city, from the moment of planning or construction of buildings, the design of spaces, to the day-to-day use of them. Climate change is also a major challenge around the world, and especially in cities. Precisely technology helps us find ways to make better use of energy, deploy efficient air conditioning systems, manage common areas and all of them go through data collection, processing of this data and have intelligent systems that we they allow us to optimize the way we design this environment.

In this talk you will be able to know some examples of how Artificial Intelligence and data analytics can help to make a better development of cities through data collection, analysis and application of intelligent algorithms. To help predict and make the best decisions.

Organized in collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence Working Group, the Industry 4.0 Commission and the Digital Society Commission

You can watch the video of the talk at the following link: [Mobile Week Badalona] Intel·ligència artificial i desenvolupament de ciutats – YouTube