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Presentation at the 4th UOC Industry 4.0 Conference

Next Wednesday, September 30, our CEO, Pau Fonseca will participate in this conference about 4.0 Industry organized by the UOC with the following presentation: “Modeling situations of containment of pandemics, scenarios for Catalonia in front of SARS-CoV-2” More information on the link: http://symposium.uoc.edu/54652/detail/iv-jornada-industria-4.0.html El proper dimecres 30 de setembre el nostre CEO, Pau Fonseca participarà […]

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New scientific article: SEIRD COVID-19 Formal Characterization and Model Comparison Validation

Below is a brief summary of the article published openly in the special issue Spreading of Infection Diseases like COVID-19 and Influenza Modelling and Propagation Control of the journal Applied Sciences: Based on a SEIRD model (Susceptible, Exposed, Infective, Recovered and Deceased) for COVID-19 infection with a new parametrization using a high infection rate, and […]



Polyhedra Tech supports the research on the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Catalonia, providing some computational resources  for  the project SDL-PAND. On http://pand.sdlps.com/ you can follow the evolution of the current pandemic situation.


Covid-19 Monitoring models for assessing content options

Pau Fonseca i Casas Ph. D., one of our CEOs and researcher at the inLab of the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona (FIB) of the UPC, explains the development of a functional prototype that allows to evaluate alternatives of containment of the COVID-19 from the graphic conceptualization of pandemic monitoring models. #CafèambTechUPC is a UPC […]


One of the levers of Industry 4.0: Cybersecurity

One of the levers of Industry 4.0 is cybersecurity. On June 25 at the Trends Congress, Professor Genis Margarit pointed out in his presentation “The Challenges in Cybersecurity in the Digital Age” that “City Councils want cybersecurity, but are overwhelmed. A handful of obligations set by the National Security Scheme, combined with scarce resources, make […]


New modeling course for the creation of digital twin

A course organized by EIC-College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia. During the course, the bases of the simulation that make possible the creation of digital twins are exposed. The developmental life cycle of a digital twin is explained and students are provided with the fundamental tools to be able to define simulation models. The course […]


Our member Carme Fonseca participates in this international forum, organized by Talsus, on the interesting implications between the environment and the pandemic. Enjoy it!



Today members of Polyhedra Tech are attending the Industry 4.0 Forum this year streaming. Interesting reflections on the changes that covid19 implies on Industry. Remember that Polyhedra Tech offers digital twins solutions for companies

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Què tenen contra Oriol Mitjà?

You can read a mention in the press of one of the members of our modelling team, Víctor García Carrasco, that is working on the SDL-PAND project. You can consult the opinion article of Agustí Colomines at the following link in the newspaper El Nacional: https://www.elnacional.cat/ca/opinio/agusti-colomines-coronavirus-oriol-mitja_492942_102.html