Last week, in the framework of the Mathematical Epidemiology Spread of COVID-19, our CEO Pau Fonseca had participates in this talk organized by University of Warwick.

The summary of the session is as follows: Based on a validated SEIRD model for SARS-CoV-2 spread, we expand the model using Cellular Automata to simplify the definition for different health regions affected by the pandemic. We define a conceptualization using Specification and Description Language, a formal language that allows us to extend the model to a Cellular Automaton (CA). In this talk we point some forecast scenarios for Catalonia done in June. We present some formalization details, we discuss some validation process implications, following a digital twin approach. We discuss some results obtained from the model and we point some implications of decision making based on models.

More information at: Talk: ‘SEIRD-CA-SDL model for COVID-19 containment scenarios in Catalonia’ by Pau Fonseca – 14/01/2021 – Blog (