The Barcelona Provincial Council and the Association GBCe signed a framework agreement for the creation of more sustainable urban environments

One of our partners the Association Green Building Council España (GBCe) and the Diputació de Barcelona have signed a framework agreement of cooperation with the goal of sharing specific knowledge in the field of environmental sustainability…
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Combining Formal Definition of a Simulation Model with Heuristics to Improve Building Sustainability

We present a new paper on WSC 2018. Soon you will be able to access to the paper on the website. Abstract: Sustainability is related with environmental, social and economic variables. Each one of these areas is, by itself, complex due to the…

Using the R Language to Manage and Show Statistical Information in the Cloud

An interesting paper that presents the approach we use in Polyhedra Tech products. Abstract: We present a methodology to enable users to interact with the statistical information (survey data) of a public opinion institute which is stored in…

Taula treball "Talent per a la indústria 4.0"

Polyhedra Tech participates on the Taula treball "Talent per a la indústria 4.0" On this workshop, through various dynamics, attendees have worked in groups and have determined various objectives on which it would be interesting to work,…

Taller Bioconstrucció

We are proud to participate in the Bio Synergies bioconstruction seminars. "El Taller d’introducció a la Bioconstrucció ha sigut creat per apropar la construcció saludable amb materials naturals, a constructors, auto constructors i tots…
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Stand-out Startups in the construction industry

Polyhedra Tech has been selected as one of the 8 startups that stand out in the construction sector by Mobile World Capital. We are proud to present NECADA project on 16th May. More information here See you there!

SOCIETY 4.0. Digital transformation: the challenge of the smart innovation

In the frame of the presentation of the new Industry 4.0 master degree, ‎next Thursday, April 19, at 7 p.m., will take place at Tech Talent Center (c/Badajoz 73, Barcelona) the ‎‎Open Talent: "SOCIETAT 4.0. Transformació digital: el…
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Indústria 4.0: Modelització, Simulació i Materialització

Today Fundació UPC presents the master degree Indústria 4.0: Modelització, Simulació i Materialització at Advanced Factories. This is a great program where Polyhedra Tech is involved as a partner. Enjoy!


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Simulation model to find the best comfort, energy and cost scenarios for building refurbishment

Abstract This article proposes a methodology to assess building behaviour, whilst taking its life cycle into account. Understanding of the system can be obtained by combining well-known energy consumption calculation engines (TRNSYS) with…