Analysis of Applications to Improve the Energy Savings in Residential Buildings Based on Systemic Quality Model

A new paper regarding the NECADA project has been published;  on it we analyze several EMS using a methodology that simplifies the analysis. Is open so you can read it here: Analysis of Applications to Improve the Energy Savings in Residential…

New license

Now SDLPS can be downloaded and used for free for personal, educational or non commercial use. Feel free to ask to the administrator to request your key. Enjoy formal modeling!

A New post that talks about NECADA is on Open Thoughts of UOC

Hi, A new post that describes the use of Formal Models and Co-simulation techniques on NECADA is published on "Open Thoughts Ready for a SMARTer World?",  a bloc of the Open University of Catalonia. You can access to it here. Enjoy!

Project ACE

We use NECADA to simulate the behavior of the buildings that are represented on the ACE project we develop on the frame of the InLab. Here you can access to the site. Enjoy!  

IBPSA papers available now online

Now the proceedings of IBPSA conference are online and free to review. You can read here our two papers: NECADA: Optimization Software for Sustainable Architecture Optimization of Energy Renovation of Residential…


A press note describing NECADA has been published recently on the PTEC, the Spanish technology platform of the construction (plataforma tecnológica española de la construcción following the Spanish acronym). More information here.

BS2015 procediings are now available

The proceedings of the Building Simulation Conference 2015 held during 7-9th December, 2015 at HICC Hyderabad, India are now available here. Also you can find the photos and the videos of the event.

1ª Jornada UPCenergia 2020

The slides of the "1ª Jornada UPCenergia 2020 " can be accessed here. Also the pictures of the conference can be viewed here. A nice revision of some of the projects related with energy that are ongoing at UPC.

Smart City Expo 2015

The presentations of the "ST 23 Sustainable cities and innovative urban planning" of the Smart City Expo 2015, can now be downloaded here.

Optimization of energy renovation of residential sector in Catalonia based on comfort, energy and costs

In this paper presented at IBPSA 2015, are described some interesting results of the MARIE project where NECADA has been used as a simulation engine. Abstract: The paper describes OptiHab study, done in the framework of the MARIE project. The…