1ª Jornada UPCenergia 2020

The slides of the "1ª Jornada UPCenergia 2020 " can be accessed here. Also the pictures of the conference can be viewed here. A nice revision of some of the projects related with energy that are ongoing at UPC.

Smart City Expo 2015

The presentations of the "ST 23 Sustainable cities and innovative urban planning" of the Smart City Expo 2015, can now be downloaded here.

Optimization of energy renovation of residential sector in Catalonia based on comfort, energy and costs

In this paper presented at IBPSA 2015, are described some interesting results of the MARIE project where NECADA has been used as a simulation engine. Abstract: The paper describes OptiHab study, done in the framework of the MARIE project. The…

NECADA. Optimization software for sustainable architecture

New paper presented at IBPSA 2015. Abstract: In this work, we present a hybrid infrastructure, named NECADA, which supports the execution of a detailed simulation model representing all building processes on a supercomputer, cloud, cluster…

14th International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association

NECADA will be presented on the 14th International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association on the Optimization session on 7th of December. We share the session with the presentation of the results of the…

1a Jornada #UPCenergia2020

NECADA will be on the first energy meeting of Polytechnic University of Catalonia - BarcelonaTech. See you there. When 25/11/2015 from 11:00 to 14:00 Where Aula Capella, ETSEIB

Comfort and economic criteria for selecting passive measures for the energy refurbishment of residential buildings in Catalonia

This paper presents a detailed method to develop cost-optimal studies for the energy renovation of residential buildings. A realistic characterization of the building has been introduced, using measurement and survey data. The method allows…

Optimal Buildings’ Energy Consumption Calculus through a Distributed Experiment Execution

A new research paper where you can see a NECADA execution scenario for an industrial big project. Read it here. Abstract: The calculus of building energy consumption is a demanding task because multiple factors must be considered during…

SmartCities program published

The program for the SmartCity conference that will be on Barcelona from 17 to 19 of November is now published. NECADA will be presented on ST 23 Sustainable cities and innovative urban planning See you soon!

How can climate change affect buildings?

This article talks about the possible implications of the climate change in the buildings. NECADA can be one of the tools to prevent against the future problems because, our model takes care of the environmental changing conditions. NECADA is…