Next Tuesday, October 6th, our CEOPau Fonseca will participate in this workshop about sports and health with the following presentation: “Overtraining simulation model for grupal sports” More information on the link:

It’s organised by ICSO and @GENTIC_UOC from @IN3_UOC and the FoodLab group from @UOCesalut.

Good health and social wellbeing is one of the sustainable development goals in the United Nations’ 2050 agenda. There is plenty of research showing the correlation between practicing sports and health, from children to advanced ages. Hence, promoting the practice of sports among citizens contribute to improve their quality of life, improve their habits and, as a consequence, reduce expensive bills for the healthcare system. Nowadays, large quantities of data provided by official agencies (e.g., Eurostat) and by the Internet of things are available for researchers worldwide. Using methods, techniques, and algorithms from data science, business analytics, operations research, and artificial intelligence, this raw data can be transformed into information and knowledge, thus allowing for a better understanding of how sports can benefit citizens as well as for supporting smart decision making among public and private organizations in the sports and health sectors.

During this workshop we will share and promote the raising of common interests in research and transfer among people from different disciplines and knowledge areas aimed at:

  • Describing the current situation of the sports and health sectors by means of data-intensive studies.
  • Identifying emerging trends and predicting the future evolution of the sports and health sectors.
  • Supporting public and private organizations in the sports and health sectors while making informed decisions and designing data-driven policies.
  • Identifying best practices that facilitate the massive adoption of healthy habits in nutrition, physical activity and sport among citizens of all ages.
  • Integrating a gender perspective in the approach of analytics research in sports and health.

This workshop will be held in English and Spanish. All sessions are online and will be held in streaming with the option to make questions. Registration is free and required before October 4, 2020.

Dates: 6th and 7th of October 2020

Time: 10:00 to 14:00 CET

The video of the session of the 2020 Online Workshop on “Sports and Health Analytics Research”, held on October 6th, is available in the following link (in the 01:33:00 min. Pau Fonseca)

Day 1, 6th of October: