Energy improvement should be not only energy and cost savings, but also improvement in comfort, health and, finally, social improvement.

On November 30, a Conference on Energy Efficiency in Industry and Housing was held at the Eduard Soler Foundation, Ripoll, by the company Polyhedra Tech SL. The conference covered the most relevant issues to address the necessary improvements for companies in the field of energy efficiency. The day, directed by Doctor Antoni Fonseca, specialized in optimization and sustainability systems, described the changes and improvements, the new regulations and the energy audit processes (ISO 50001) that can be performed. Energy efficiency processes, both in industry and in homes, give many possibilities for real improvement in space. Professionals from various companies and some individuals have heard more and more interest in the field, as well as marking a path linked to reducing energy and controlling emissions internationally. The optimization processes are linked to Industry 4.0 where we find different levers directly related, such as data analysis, energy saving, virtual reality and augmented in process control, automation and control. The integration of renewable active systems and energy optimization, whether for industry or for homes, is the way to go to tackle the current climate change process.

The day was broadcast on the TV channel Ripollès where a short summary can be viewed next.