In this paper presented at IBPSA 2015, are described some interesting results of the MARIE project where NECADA has been used as a simulation engine.

Abstract: The paper describes OptiHab study, done in the framework of the MARIE project. The objective of OptiHab is to provide technical and economic information to optimize the energy renovation of residential sector in Catalonia, ensuring the comfort of the users. The information of the study gives the criteria to develop regional strategies and policies to improve the energy efficiency of the residential sector. The method used and the results of one building typologies are presented. In addition, the results have been used to propose a subsidy plan for the energy renovation of buildings based on cost-effective measures

Citation: Ortiz, J., Fonseca, A., Salom, J., Russo, V., Garrido, N., Fonseca, P. Optimization of energy renovation of residential sector in Catalonia based on comfort, energy and costs. A: International Building Performance Simulation Association. “IBPSA 2015 Proceedings”. Hyderabad: 2015.