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New courses

New Industry 4.0 course in FES. The training program presents the introduction of the necessary elements to take into account to understand what Industry 4.0 is and its main concepts. The techniques needed to define the processes that define digital twins are also presented. More information: Processos de Indústria 4.0 Palanques i anàlisi. Online – […]

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COVID-19 spread with containment measures

Polyhedra Tech is working on this model about #Covid19 A basic SEIR model and we will investigate what changes would be appropriate for modelling the 2019 Coronavirus. We add simple containment meassures that affect two paramenters, the Susceptible population and the rate to become infected. The initial parametrization is based on the suggested current data. […]

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New Course

We will teach about energy efficiency with Fundació Eduard Soler. Energy management is a key factor in business competitiveness, especially in the context of a constant increase in energy prices, where in a timely manner the process of energy transition to 100% renewable energy and optimization of energy consumption can be key to the success […]


New publication: Simplifying the Verification of Simulation Models through Petri Net to FlexSim Mapping

Simplifying the encoding of a simulation conceptual model representation reduces the number of errors that will be detected in the verification phase. In this paper, we present a mapping between Petri nets, a well-known formalism, and FlexSim, a well-known simulation tool. The proposal is illustrated through an example of how a model specified in a […]