One of the levers of Industry 4.0: Cybersecurity

One of the levers of Industry 4.0 is cybersecurity. On June 25 at the Trends Congress, Professor Genis Margarit pointed out in his presentation “The Challenges in Cybersecurity in the Digital Age” that “City Councils want cybersecurity,…

New modeling course for the creation of digital twin

A course organized by EIC-College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia. During the course, the bases of the simulation that make possible the creation of digital twins are exposed. The developmental life cycle of a digital twin is explained…


Today members of Polyhedra Tech are attending the Industry 4.0 Forum this year streaming. Interesting reflections on the changes that covid19 implies on Industry. Remember that Polyhedra Tech offers digital twins solutions for companies…
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New courses

Our CEOs are teaching a new Industry 4.0 course where they will present the elements needed to be taken into account to understand what Industry 4.0 is and its main concepts. The techniques needed to define the main processes of digital twins…


During the presentation, the Councilor for University and Innovation of Terrassa City Council, Adrián Sánchez, gave a press conference to explain the Digital Maturity Level Calculation Tool, a self-diagnosis tool that should allow in the…

11th System Analysis and Modelling Conference Languages, Methods and Tools for Industry 4.0

The System Analysis and Modelling (SAM) conference provides an open arena for participants from academia and industry to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in modelling and analysis of complex…
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Terrassa presents a new tool for calculating the level of digital maturity developed by Polyhedra Tech

Adrián Sánchez, offered a press conference this afternoon to present the Digital Maturity Calculation Tool, a self-diagnosis tool that should allow the companies from the Spanish business network determine the position they occupy…

Taula treball "Talent per a la indústria 4.0"

Polyhedra Tech participates on the Taula treball "Talent per a la indústria 4.0" On this workshop, through various dynamics, attendees have worked in groups and have determined various objectives on which it would be interesting to work,…

SOCIETY 4.0. Digital transformation: the challenge of the smart innovation

In the frame of the presentation of the new Industry 4.0 master degree, ‎next Thursday, April 19, at 7 p.m., will take place at Tech Talent Center (c/Badajoz 73, Barcelona) the ‎‎Open Talent: "SOCIETAT 4.0. Transformació digital: el…
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Indústria 4.0: Modelització, Simulació i Materialització

Today Fundació UPC presents the master degree Indústria 4.0: Modelització, Simulació i Materialització at Advanced Factories. This is a great program where Polyhedra Tech is involved as a partner. Enjoy!