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March 5th, #EnergyEfficiencyDay

It is a propitious date to reflect on the rational use we give to energy, and act accordingly. It has its origins in the first international conference on energy efficiency held in Austria in 1998, where more than 350 experts and leaders from…

Special Issue "Environment and Urban Systems: Simulation, Modeling and Analysis"

Urban systems and ecosystems are facing an increasing number of challenges because of climate change and its interconnection. The increase of the impact of urban systems on the environment and reciprocally, the increased impact of climate change…
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New courses

New Industry 4.0 course in FES. The training program presents the introduction of the necessary elements to take into account to understand what Industry 4.0 is and its main concepts. The techniques needed to define the processes that define…
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New Course

We will teach about energy efficiency with Fundació Eduard Soler. Energy management is a key factor in business competitiveness, especially in the context of a constant increase in energy prices, where in a timely manner the process of…

We presented NECADA in the IV #FòrumMediAmbient @diba

Judith Llopis Last Tuesday was presented @project_necada at the #Fabricaoportunitats in the framework of the IV #FòrumMediAmbient organized by the Diputació de Barcelona in the energy transition block.…

The Barcelona Provincial Council and the Association GBCe signed a framework agreement for the creation of more sustainable urban environments

One of our partners the Association Green Building Council España (GBCe) and the Diputació de Barcelona have signed a framework agreement of cooperation with the goal of sharing specific knowledge in the field of environmental sustainability…
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Combining Formal Definition of a Simulation Model with Heuristics to Improve Building Sustainability

We present a new paper on WSC 2018. Soon you will be able to access to the paper on the website. Abstract: Sustainability is related with environmental, social and economic variables. Each one of these areas is, by itself, complex due to the…
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Stand-out Startups in the construction industry

Polyhedra Tech has been selected as one of the 8 startups that stand out in the construction sector by Mobile World Capital. We are proud to present NECADA project on 16th May. More information here See you there!

Simulation model to find the best comfort, energy and cost scenarios for building refurbishment

Abstract This article proposes a methodology to assess building behaviour, whilst taking its life cycle into account. Understanding of the system can be obtained by combining well-known energy consumption calculation engines (TRNSYS) with…
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Solution Validation for a Double Façade Prototype

We publish a new paper that depicts an interesting solution validation, it's open, and you can read it here. Abstract A Solution Validation involves comparing the data obtained from the system that are implemented following the model recommendations,…